Aug 03 2020
Our Global Impact 2019

Our Global Impact is a year in the life of Palladium. This publication reflects who we are, measured by the impact we have on the world.

Who are we? Simply put, we are catalysts – a term that’s been driven nearly to overuse, but which has always formed a core part of our DNA. We catalyse positive impact through our work as advisors, implementers, investors, and conveners across the globe.

Five decades of experience tells us that organisations of all types are faced with many of the same, global challenges, and none of us can ignore the role we play in a large and complex economic, social, and technological ecosystem. From supply chains to workforce development, businesses need bold thinking, partnerships, access to finance, and governance models to drive sustainable growth.

Meanwhile, achievement of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals is dependent on private capital, while investors are looking increasingly for opportunities that deliver both social and financial returns.

Never has there been such a significant convergence of social expectation and commercial imperative to drive a fresh and ambitious approach to tackling the world’s greatest challenges. Our tagline is “make it possible” because that’s what a catalyst does, and this year’s annual report explores how. Part One delves into our approach to catalysing impact across our core capabilities, while Part Two journeys through the over 200 projects in our 2019 portfolio, spanning 90 countries and 6 continents.

Join us.

Christopher Hirst
Chief Executive Officer

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