May 11 2022
Our Global Impact 2021

Our Global Impact is a year in the life of Palladium. This publication reflects who we are and what we do, measured by the impact we have on the world.

Globally, 2021 represented hope. After another unprecedented year, many looked towards the changing of the calendar as a new chapter. And while the page was turned, we learned that recovery will require faster and more extensive effort from all of us if we’re really going to create a more just and resilient world.

In this context, Our Global Impact 2021 is the first in which we’ve included our work categorised against the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals – Global Goals that have become a unifying framework for discussions and measurement around global impact.

Leaders in corporate sustainability and philanthropy are an obvious group for whom the SDGs have helped to guide and measure their activities. However, beyond these traditional approaches lie companies seeking to build sustainability and development outcomes into their core business strategies – those handful of forward-thinking organisations who see that commercial growth is inextricably linked to the social wellbeing of the ecosystems in which they operate, from their workforce to their supply chains to their customers.

The engagement of these private sector players is crucial to development in the long-term, whether guided by the SDGs or not. And it’s that engagement that will be so key to accelerating our collective efforts.

Each year, we choose a theme for Our Global Impact; one that represents our accomplishments as we reflect, and our hopes as we look ahead. This year, we chose ‘accelerate.’ While we are inspired daily by the impact of our teams on the ground and the progress we witness around the world, change simply must happen at a quicker pace. You’ll see this theme reflected in the following sections as we explore our partnerships with governments, businesses, investors, and civil society alike, all working to tackle the same global challenges. Change is on the horizon, and we hope you’ll join us in accelerating towards building a more resilient, inclusive, and sustainable world.

Christopher Hirst
Chief Executive Officer

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