May 23 2023
Our Global Impact 2022

Our Global Impact is a year in the life of Palladium. This publication reflects who we are and what we do, measured by the impact we have on the world.

2022 promised a near return to normal for much the world, but instead, we were shocked by the Russian invasion of Ukraine – a crisis that’s rightly captured the attention and resources of our clients, partners, and employees.I am enormously proud of our people and the many ways they’ve contributed to the response in Ukraine and its ripple effects across the globe.

This war has served to reinforce how interconnected we all are; how a grain shortage in Eastern Europe can affect a family’s sustenance in Africa, or how oil supplies can intensify a cost of living crisis in the UK. It reminds us that solutions to our greatest challenges must be both deeply local and relentlessly global; that cooperation is the only way.

Each year, we choose a theme for Our Global Impact that represents our accomplishments as we reflect and our hopes as we look ahead. This year, our theme is Balance, and it’s something we all – individuals, organisations, governments, communities – are striving to achieve.

Balance is about effectiveness in the face of competing priorities; competing crises. Governments must balance the use of finite resources, at home and abroad, meeting today’s urgent needs while investing in the future. Businesses must balance wellness and productivity; sustainability and growth. Working on the ground in over 90 countries every day, Palladium projects are constantly balancing stakeholders, outcomes, and priorities.

You’ll see this theme reflected in the following sections as we explore and report on the impact of our global work in 2022. Most of all, I invite you to join us in building a more resilient, inclusive, and sustainable world.

Christopher Hirst
Chief Executive Officer, Palladium  

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