Staff Writer | Palladium - Feb 11 2019
Palladium Launches New Online Publication

What should you look for in an impact investment? What qualities do you need to be a humanitarian emergency responder? What’s the true cost of corporate sustainability?

These are just a few of the topics covered in Palladium’s new online publication – The Catalyst.

The Catalyst delivers news, perspectives, and in-depth reports from the front lines of Palladium’s global work. Many of the stories are written by Palladium employees, partners, and thought leaders, sharing their experiences and expertise as they work to solve the world’s greatest challenges.

“The traditional media landscape is changing, and we need to reach out directly to those who want to hear from us,” says Elizabeth Godo, Palladium’s Director of Communications. “We’re using The Catalyst to share our stories with the public – from case studies and breaking news to the first-person accounts I’ve heard our people tell each other for years. With teams creating positive impact in over 90 countries, there’s so much to learn from one another. It’s time for us to share those insights.”

The Catalyst aims to inspire, educate, and embolden all readers – from experts in international development and C-Suite executives, to members of the public looking for a new perspective.

Palladium CEO Christopher Hirst believes the choice of name – The Catalyst – is particularly apt. “We create strategies, build partnerships, and implement programs that transform societies, economies, and lives,” Hirst explains. “We ‘catalyse’ positive impact, and we want our publication to do the same through discussion, debate, and storytelling.”

Hirst is a regular contributor to Thomson Reuters, Devex, and other publications, and looks forward to writing for The Catalyst as well.

Palladium is the latest organisation to embrace the idea of offering an online publication, with Walmart, Marriott, Coca-Cola, and GE just a few of the companies to have launched their own in recent years.

In an interview with Inc., Tomas Kellner, editor in chief of GE’s online magazine GE Reports, explained why they took the online publishing route. "We really wanted to get our story out. Telling your story on your own digital platform seemed the best solution for that."

Kellner adds that the benefit to having a publishing platform is that it allows an organisation to explain complicated topics. For GE, a company with various disparate parts, this platform allows them to show how it's all brought together as one business.

Godo agrees. “The breadth and global reach of Palladium’s work can make it difficult for people to fully understand what we’re doing and the impact we’re having,” she says. “With The Catalyst, we want to stitch it all together in a way that’s accessible, compelling, and human. We’re hugely excited to launch and hope to bring our readers real value.”

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