Staff Writer l Palladium - Jun 14 2021
Palladium Recognised with USAID Award in Small Business Subcontracting

Source: USAID

The United States Agency for International Development has named Palladium the USAID Large Business (Prime) Contractor of the Year. The award recognises Palladium’s consistent support of USAID’s small business program and outstanding record of subcontracting performance to U.S. small businesses.

On 10 June at the USAID 13th Annual Small Business Conference, John Watson, acting director of the USAID Office of Small and Disadvantaged Business Utilization, announced that Palladium had achieved “excellence in the utilisation of small businesses as meaningful development partners” for the U.S. federal government’s fiscal year 2020.

Palladium exhibited “creative, unique, and extraordinary contribution” in directly affecting the success of USAID’s mission and objectives through partnerships with small businesses across its projects.

Palladium CEO Christopher Hirst accepted the award in prepared video remarks for the virtual conference, thanking USAID. “This award recognises large prime contractors for their ongoing support for small businesses—something we are proud to do through our people and projects around the world,” he said.

“Small businesses are vital to the success of our programming and our mission to achieve positive impact and positive change.”

The award recognises Palladium for excellence in three areas: providing a high total small business contracting dollar percentage; utilising small businesses in critical roles in the implementation of USAID programs; and engaging in formal or informal mentorship for the development and growth of small businesses.

Further to Palladium’s commitment to supporting small businesses, several of Palladium’s legacy companies graduated from USAID’s small business program before joining to form Palladium. The company’s leadership is particularly proud to receive this reward in light of this history.

“Small businesses are the foundation of the economy, employing around half of the American private sector workforce, driving economic growth and providing a significant contribution to the GDP globally,” said Hirst. “They have and still continue to be a platform that drives innovation and provides inclusive opportunities for all of society.”

“We are delighted to have been recognized for our vast array of partnerships with small businesses,” said Maria Martinkov, a managing partner from Palladium’s office in Washington, DC. “We will use this award as a launching point to form new ventures and support new enterprises in the United States and around the world.”

Hirst noted that Palladium would continue to support and champion small business through its work with USAID and other partners and governments worldwide. “As we often see in our own projects and partnerships, small business plays a powerful role in providing the creative thinking and innovation that helps shape the market and contribute to community livelihoods and welfare.”

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