Katharina Cavano | Palladium - Jun 21 2023
Palladium Signs the Ukraine Business Compact

Launched at the Ukraine Recovery Conference in London, Palladium has signed on to the Ukraine Business Compact, which gives international businesses a platform to show their support for Ukraine’s recovery and its drive to modernise, build a resilient and agile economy, and emerge from war as a stronger and more prosperous state.

As part of the Compact, Palladium is committing to investing in business opportunities in the country, working with Ukraine-based companies, and supporting development and economic growth across Ukraine.

“We’re fully committed to supporting Ukraine’s recovery, and the decision to sign on to the Business Compact was an incredibly easy one to make,” says Palladium CEO Christopher Hirst. “Our teams have been working in Eastern Europe for over 25 years and we bring a critical set of skills to the recovery process that spans humanitarian assistance, health systems strengthening, nature restoration and beyond, as well as the physical infrastructure capabilities of our sister company, Hill International.  

"I think the toolkit we have at our disposal is unique and powerful.”

The Business Compact is being announced alongside a major package of financial support for Ukraine, including $3 billion of World Bank loan guarantees from the UK – the first bilateral package of multi-year fiscal assistance to be set out by a G7 country.

Ukraine’s Recovery Plan estimates that sustainable recovery towards economic growth will require upwards of US$750 billion, about two-thirds of which will need to come from partners through either grants, debt, or equity.

The Business Compact is a critical commitment to raising the funds necessary for Ukraine’s recovery through trade and investment, peer-to-peer expertise sharing, pro bono work, and business activities.

With programs that include boosting the national business environment, modernising social infrastructure, and establishing energy independence, Ukraine’s Recovery Plan provide a unique opportunity to not only support the recovery of war-related damages but help to leap-frog economic growth and quality of life in Ukraine.

“I am enormously proud of our people and the many ways they’ve already contributed to the response in Ukraine and its ripple effects across the globe, and look forward to partnering with fellow signatories, businesses, governments, investors, and the people of Ukraine to build lasting recovery in the months and years to come,” Hirst adds.

Read ‘For Ukraine, Healthcare Innovations are Necessary for Recovery’ or contact info@thepalladiumgroup.com for more information.