Staff Writer l Palladium - Jan 10 2022
“A Passionate Advocate for Global Problem Solving”: Palladium Welcomes New Managing Partner, Ricardo Michel

Ricardo Michel

Palladium is expanding its global leadership team with the appointment of Ricardo Michel as Managing Partner in the U.S. Michel brings over 25 years of international finance and leadership experience, including senior roles at USAID, AMEX International, J.P. Morgan Securities, and most recently, as Managing Director of FHI Partners, a subsidiary of FHI 360.

Michel will co-lead Palladium’s business in the Americas, with a focus on finance and investment, market systems, private sector engagement, and business transformation.

For Palladium CEO Christopher Hirst, Michel’s background in public-private partnerships and international finance make him the ideal candidate. “We spent many months searching for the right Partner to lead our Americas business, and Ricardo has a unique balance of experience that perfectly reflects Palladium’s current aspirations,” he shares. “I’ve followed his career since his days at USAID, from AMEX International to FHI 360, and appreciate the depth of experience he’s amassed in those areas where we’re seeing the strongest growth.”

“That he’s also such a strong people leader and enthusiastic presence sealed the deal for me.”

Michel’s appointment comes at a time when companies are reckoning with their role in a just society and the impact they can have beyond their bottom line, including delivering on commitments to diversity and curbing carbon emissions. “I’ve always been drawn to opportunities that benefit both society and business,” Michel explains. “True, sustainable impact requires innovation – be it innovative partnerships, financing mechanisms, or new systems altogether. Palladium has been creatively thinking this way for decades, andI’m eager to work alongside like-minded colleagues operating at the top of their game to create positive impact around the world.”

Michel describes himself as a passionate advocate for engaging the private sector in global problem solving, particularly through shared value and collective impact.

“We’re in complete alignment,” affirms Hirst.

Alonzo Fulgham, former head of USAID under President Obama and Interim Managing Partner at Palladium, views Michel’s appointment as an example of Palladium keeping its own commitments. “I see this move as momentous,” he explains.

“I look around the development industrial complex in Washington and I don’t see a lot of opportunities like this appointment going to people who look like me. Ricardo’s the best person for this job and the right fit for a global company that continues to walk the talk.”

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