Lydia Hatch | Palladium - Oct 22 2019
Palladium Wins Brisbane Lord Mayor's Business Award for "Doing Business in Asia"

Palladium has won the HSBC Award for Doing Business in Asia, part of the 2019 Lord Mayor's Awards in Brisbane. The award recognises outstanding performance in building trade or services between Brisbane and Asia.

"Now in its 14th year, Lord Mayor's Business Awards elevate the best and most innovative businesses and people in Brisbane," said Lord Mayor Adrian Schrinner. "At a time when our city is transforming and attracting new investment and more visitors than ever before, it is important to reflect on and celebrate the achievements of those that are making outstanding contributions to our city’s growth at all levels."

As Brisbane is focusing on growing its entrepreneurial culture, credibility, and AUD 162 billion economy, doing business with its neighbours in Asia is crucial.

Palladium Managing Partner Cassian Drew accepted the award on behalf of Palladium. "We're delighted to be recognised in this way," he said. "Our deep experience working in 17 countries across the Asia Pacific region enables us to help Australian businesses enter and operate more effectively in these markets."

From Brisbane to Asia

Palladium won the award because of its long history building strong ties between the two regions and its unique approach to business, both of which align to the award's focus on innovation, creativity, and "those with the ability to inspire others, not just locally but also globally."

According to Palladium CEO Christopher Hirst, inspiring others across the globe is key to creating sustainable solutions that link social and economic impact – a task that's never been more important.

"The world is facing significant challenges," he explained. "Poverty, climate change, inequality – we've spent the past 54 years helping our clients and partners across Australia, Asia, and the world to take on these challenges together. This award is recognition of what we've achieved, and an opportunity to invite new organisations to join us in the future."

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About Palladium

Palladium was founded in Brisbane in 1965 and now operates in over 90 countries.

In Asia, Palladium created and manages the world's largest Development Impact Bond, which is projected to save 10,000 lives and impact 600,000 people in India, while generating a financial return. Palladium also:

  • Enables social enterprises benefitting women and low-income families, implements investment programs that grow small and medium enterprises
  • Works with mining companies to improve the economic and environmental sustainability of the communities in which they operate
  • Operates a world-class logistics capability to access difficult-to-reach environments and deploy rapid humanitarian responses
  • Implements the Pacific Labour Facility, the Australian Government’s flagship labour mobility program
  • Combats deforestation through sustainable strategies and builds deforestation-free commodity chains