Staff Writer l Palladium - Oct 20 2022
Palladium Wins Flagship USAID Health Program - PROPEL Health

Credit: HP+

Announced this month, USAID has awarded its five year, US$100 million Promoting Results and Outcomes through Policy and Economic Levers (PROPEL Health) project to Palladium. The project—the latest in a string of health policy projects—will work with local organisations and partners to advance family planning and reproductive health, HIV, and maternal and child health priorities.

Building off the success of the recently concluded Health Policy Plus (HP+) project, which delivered locally adapted solutions in over 105 countries and mobilised US$465 million in domestic funds for health, PROPEL Health will accelerate equitable access to responsive and integrated primary healthcare services and increase uptake of family planning and reproductive health services, including the use of modern contraceptives.

USAID has been the leading champion of countries’ family planning and reproductive health initiatives for more than five decades, supporting 27 million women and couples with voluntary family planning methods and services in just 2020 alone.

“We have extensive experience, more than 25 years, in health policy, advocacy, financing, and governance as the implementer of USAID's flagship global policy programs,” says Dr. Suneeta Sharma, Palladium Vice President of Health and PROPEL Health Director. “When these four elements of policy, financing, governance, and advocacy come together, supported by sound evidence base, we can’t go wrong in achieving impact.”

PROPEL Health will achieve its goals by focusing on equitable and resilient policy, adequate and sustainable financing, accountable and transparent governance, and evidence-informed advocacy, largely concentrated on quality family planning and reproductive health, and ensuring that they are integrated into the delivery of primary healthcare.

Designed with sustainability in mind, the project has a strong emphasis on local technical leadership. Palladium and its partners will establish capacity development into all aspects of the project to ensure sustainability and longevity. “Palladium will deliver the project in close collaboration with local partners to not only strengthen locally led policy, advocacy, financing, and governance ecosystems, but to ensure sustainability once the project closes,” adds Sharma.

The consortium of Palladium’s partners which will work on the project includes the Africa Economic Research Consortium, Avenir Health, Population Reference Bureau, RTI International, the Samasha Medical Foundation, and the White Ribbon Alliance.

“I’m excited to start working side-by-side with local partners to find solutions and design new processes,” says Sharma. “They know what is needed to achieve improved health outcomes. We will listen, respond, and contribute our skills and expertise to help them develop and implement technologies, tools, and solutions specific to their needs.”

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