Staff Writer l Palladium - Oct 09 2023
Palladium and i+solutions Partnering for Health

Palladium and i+solutions have a longstanding partnership to strengthen health systems in low- and middle-income countries. Now, the organisations are formalising their collaboration to drive positive health outcomes and enhance the resilience and sustainability of societies.

“Our partnership with i+solutions is solid and futureproof, and we look forward to maximising our impact in public healthcare in low and middle-income countries by continuing to work together,” says Dan Rhodes, Palladium Vice President of Supply Chain.

Currently, i+solutions and Palladium are working on Keneya Sinsi Wale project in Mali. This initiative works to improve local health systems across three regions of Mali, which represent half of the country’s population. Since 2020, the Palladium / i+solutions team, on behalf of USAID, has been working to improve access and “last mile delivery” supply chain management coordinating with more than 600 community health centres, across 26 districts, closely collaborating with regional health authorities, including support to health districts in conflict zones.

The work in Mali is just one example of how the two organisations work together. “Our plans for collaboration go much further; the complementary capabilities and experience in procurement, technical assistance, and in-country logistics of both organisations create a strong foundation for a resilient health system,” adds Rhodes. “This strategic partnership will create tangible and sustainable positive impact for all stakeholders.”

“One use case for our organisational synergies,” says Rhodes, “is the incorporation of i+solutions’ procurement and supply chain expertise into Palladium’s dynamic visualisation platform for supply chain management. Leveraging the information from our interoperable systems can immediately provide real time, accurate data visibility, engaging health professionals early on in the full healthcare cycle and resulting in significantly improved health outcomes.”

Ed Monchen, CEO of i+solutions, highlights the strong partnership between Palladium and i+solutions. “Palladium has an impressive global presence and track record in leading international partnerships. i+solutions is a global leader in health procurement and supply chain management. And equally important, we share the same values and drive for innovation.”

“Both Palladium and i+solutions proudly continue to support donors’ efforts to create sustainable health systems by building partners’ procurement and supply chain capacity in low- and middle-income countries globally,” concludes Rhodes.

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