Katharina Cavano l Palladium - Sep 26 2022
Palladium’s ‘Revere’ Named Best Sustainable Investment Natural Capital Initiative

Members of the Revere team accept the award on 22 September. 

For the past 16 years, Investment Week has honoured portfolio managers, fund providers, research and ratings teams, service providers, and individuals who have a key part to play in the evolution of sustainable investing through their annual Sustainable Investment Awards.

This year, the organisation announced a number of new categories, including Best Sustainable Investment Natural Capital Initiative, which was awarded to Revere, a partnership between Palladium and UK National Parks that makes it possible to restore natural habitats with private capital.

The award category was open to any investment group in the UK that launched an initiative to increase awareness of the importance of natural capital and promote investment or research into the sector.

“It was wonderful to be recognised by the Sustainability Awards and to spend the evening with market leaders from the sustainable investment sector,” shares Emma Davies, Palladium Senior Manager of Nature-Based Solutions, who received the award on behalf of the team. “The Best Sustainable Investment Natural Capital Initiative was a brand new category introduced this year which I think indicates how the market is changing and natural capital is increasingly being recognised in the sustainability sector.”

Working closely with UK National Parks’ teams and land managers, Revere designs restoration projects and raises private capital to fund the restoration. The projects generate revenue through the sale of ecosystem services (such as the sale of carbon credits, eco-tourism, and more), creating new income streams for farmers and landowners who want to improve the quality of their landscapes and support biodiversity.

“Natural capital solutions need financing,” explains Jose Maria Ortiz, Palladium Managing Director. “You need to be able to put money in to grow those outcomes and then be able to sell them. But if we want to do this, we need partnerships and to bring people together to help build these solutions. That’s exactly what we’re doing with the UK National Parks and Revere.”

Through the facility’s launch in October 2021, Revere has secured partnerships with Santander Bank and Estée Lauder, among other organisations, to restore national habitats across the UK using private capital.

“Our mission is to deliver solutions that will make a real difference, using a combination of private and public finance to restore nature in our National Parks,” adds Ortiz.

“It is critical that we do something before it’s too late. The progress that we have already made is a testament to the people involved – both colleagues and stakeholders – who are committed to finding ways to reverse the biggest environmental challenge of our lifetime. For this to be recognised at such an early stage of the project is extremely rewarding.”

The awards, which were held in London on 22 September, brought together sustainable investment experts, business leaders, asset managers, and projects to celebrate continued growth in this critical sector. “Revere was recognised as a ground-breaking UK natural capital initiative, which is testament to all the hard work of the Palladium and National Parks teams in the last two years,” Davies concludes.

Visit Revere, for more read: 'How Farmers in the UK Can Get Paid for Restoring their Land', and for more information, contact info@thepalladiumgroup.com.