- Mar 30 2017
Shaping the future through Positive Impact - the Palladium Summit 2017
On the 21st and 22nd of March we held our two-day Positive Impact Summit 2017 in London. Nearly 250 delegates from all around the world joined us to explore the huge potential for 'Positive Impact' - that is, the intentional creation of enduring economic and social value.

With world class speakers and engaging discussion and debate throughout, it was a compelling occasion that gave attendees the opportunity to share experiences and views on how we might shape the future and tackle the world’s most pressing problems. World renowned experts, such as Dr Robert S. Kaplan and Mark R. Kramer, also provided hands-on, practical workshops for organisations and specialists who are already making Positive Impact happen.

Stressing the importance of a social contribution is no new thing – businesses, leaders and influencers have understood the necessity of having a corporate social responsibility strategy for decades now. But Positive Impact isn’t Corporate Social Responsibility – it’s a response to the new Impact Economy, an understanding that corporate profit and our global community’s needs are inextricably linked. To survive in this new economy, businesses must adapt. The most forward-thinking corporations already recognise that delivering social impact is now a licence to operate and an essential part of an effective commercial strategy.

"The generation of Positive Impact is a moral imperative for any corporation as much as it is a business imperative. I hope events like this facilitate the spreading of this understanding and that action follows awareness.” [Attendee Jochen Rother, Bayer]

Keynote speaker and Harvard Emeritus Professor Dr Robert S. Kaplan explored how we can build progressive coalitions of private sector, public sector and communities to build better businesses and better societies. We were also fortunate enough to hear from individuals and organisations who shared their examples of Positive Impact in action. Syngenta, Shell, Triodos Bank, BASF, Mastercard, Barry Callebaut, Primark and many more gave their insights. We saw examples from countries as diverse as Uganda, El Salvador and Dubai to name but three. Our attendees heard how the private and public sectors are already working to transform economies and communities and debated how we can identify and drive Positive Impact opportunities.

“We’ve gone two centuries looking for profit opportunities, but not both profit making and social impact opportunities…ultimately you can't have successful businesses in unsuccessful communities.” [Keynote speaker Dr Robert S. Kaplan]

We’ll be sharing highlights, videos, testimonials and opinion pieces from the Summit in the coming weeks so be sure to follow our website and social media accounts for all the latest.

The Positive Impact Summit 2017 convened leading businesses from across the world with a shared commitment to creating enduring economic and social value.

Let’s make it possible.


Palladium’s events and training programs convene thought leaders and shape debate. Our annual Summit provides an opportunity for the business world, government and civil society to interrogate some of our most challenging global problems and explore the vast opportunity of Positive Impact.

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