Aug 26 2020
The Catalyst Special Report: COVID-19

Letter from the Editor

Where were you when your country went into lockdown?

I had just returned home to Canada from our Palladium office in New York City, soon after declared the epicentre of the coronavirus pandemic in the U.S. Like so many others across the globe, my family began to prepare for what authorities were saying could be two (or even three!) weeks in a quarantine designed to “flatten the curve”.

Five months later, we’re all still in the throes of this global crisis.

COVID-19 has revealed broken systems, inequalities, and injustices, and while some countries have proven themselves better equipped than others to deal with the outbreak and subsequent fallout, there’s no question that viruses have little respect for borders.

Our team has applied their expertise and resilience to this global pandemic – from our health experts on the front lines, to our logisticians procuring protective equipment, to our security teams advising our people across the globe. We’ve worked together to design solutions, but now is the time to be bold when it comes to reimagining what a post-pandemic world could look like.

The articles in this report have been curated from those published by our thought leaders in response to the COVID-19 pandemic since March 2020. Each article approaches the topic from a different perspective, reflecting how incredibly far-reaching this crisis is and the many facets of life it has affected.

I hope you’ll find something in these pages that resonates with you, and if so, I welcome you to get in touch.

All the best,

Elizabeth Godo
Director of Communications

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