May 13 2022
The Catalyst Special Report: Forests

Forests. They cover about 30% of Earth’s land surface and store 45% of carbon on land. Despite the critical role they play in our ecosystems, our economies, and our planet’s health, they’re slowly disappearing. We’ve lost one-third of our forest cover (an area twice the size of the United States), and much of it has happened in the last 100 years.

We know that there is value in our standing forests, even beyond as a solution to climate change. Forests are home to and support a range of sustainable businesses around the world. But those businesses need access to capital if they’re going to survive and continue preserving forests in turn.

And forests, much like many other nature-based solutions, are still considered a risky investment. Without the right investment vehicles or enabling environments to encourage investment in our forests, we’re bound to continue losing these critical ecosystems.

Saving our forests isn’t a matter of planting more trees. It’s more complicated than that, and it’s inextricably linked to tackling climate change. The solutions are out there and our many teams, projects, and partnerships around the world are implementing those solutions every day. From the UK to Indonesia, Brazil and El Salvador, our work in and around forests shows that business and nature preservation can – indeed, must – co-exist.

The articles in this edition of our Special Report are curated from those published by our thought leaders and reflect their unique perspectives on our Earth’s forests, be it from a particular industry, stakeholder, case study, or point of view.

We hope you’ll find something in these pages that resonates with you, and, if so, we welcome you to get in touch.

Elizabeth Godo
Director of Communications, Palladium