Jan 25 2023
The Catalyst Special Report: The Year is 2023

Three years ago, the world was about to change such that the word "unprecedented" would lose all meaning. We published our usual predictions: impact investing would continue to go mainstream; companies would start taking their ESG commitments from talk to action; diversity and inclusion would move beyond gender. Some of these things happened, if not in 2020, then in the years that followed. But of course, we didn't predict a global pandemic.

Similarly, last year we opined on returning to the office, ways to tackle unemployment, the future of the mining industry, and patient-centric approaches to healthcare in the U.S. – never guessing that Russia was going to invade Ukraine. The ripple effects of that war continue to be felt at a global scale.

I don't say this to cast doubt on the Special Report you're about to read; only to highlight that when the future is so uncertain, it takes a special type of resilience, agility, and courage to face it. What will be 2023's Big Awful Thing?

The prevailing trends at the moment seem to be rising interest rates, slowing economies, and increasing inflation – each with their own interrelated impacts; their own ripple effects.

Against all odds, our Palladium experts are still willing to put their names to predictions each year, but those predictions are increasingly focused on the ways we can be prepared for anything; the hope they hold and the work they're doing to build a more equal, sustainable, resilient world, come what may.

If you find something in these pages that resonates with you, I welcome you to get in touch.

Welcome to 2023,
Elizabeth Godo
Head of Communications