Aug 30 2022
The Catalyst Special Report: Ukraine

As I write this, the war in Ukraine is in its sixth month with no end in sight. It’s been a privilege to watch our teams in action, mobilised to deliver aid on behalf of the UK government, advising and supporting Ukrainian officials and allies, and in the case of many of our staff in the region, welcoming refugees into their homes.

Still, the violence continues.

Our editorial team has felt compelled to use our global platform to amplify the voices of those profoundly affected by the conflict. We’ve spoken with Ukrainians in the United States as they watched from afar, those preparing to move their families across the border, and our own CEO who travelled to witness first-hand a refugee crisis unlike any he’d seen before.

And yet, the death toll mounts.

As time has gone on, we’ve seen the ripple effects of this war across the globe. Grain shortages are contributing to famine in Africa; fuel prices are rising; governments are backing away from climate agreements. Our experts have helped us understand the impacts not only on Palladium’s global work and the clients and communities we serve, but everyone’s daily lives – now and in the future.

None of this has stopped the killing.

Because while these ripple effects are crucial to understand and mitigate, the most pressing crisis continues to be the attacks on the Ukrainian people.

This report is by no means comprehensive, but it’s the beginning of our exploration into the affect Russia’s war on Ukraine has and will continue to have on nearly every facet of our world today. The articles have been curated from those published by our thought leaders over the past six months, each approaching the topic from a different perspective.

I hope you’ll find something in these pages that resonates with you, and if so, I welcome you to get in touch.

Elizabeth Godo
Director of Communications, Palladium