Staff Writer | Palladium - Dec 19 2018
The Next Mile of Impact Investing for INGOs

Impact Investing has seen tremendous growth in the past couple years, and investments now exceed USD $228 billion.With a unique understanding of how economic and social impact can go hand in hand, Palladium continues to expand work in this important space.

Humentum and the International Non-Governmental Organization (INGO) Impact Investing Network has released the report "Amplify Impact Investing 2: The Next Mile of Impact Investing for INGOs". The report surveys 45 INGOs on trends in Impact Investing as well as challenges and lessons learned. Palladium's work and insights are referenced several times throughout the report. Palladium’s first Impact Investment is used as a case study, which aims to use solar panels and an innovative financing scheme to spread access to electricity in Western Africa. Also referenced is Utkrisht, the world’s first development healthcare bond which was designed and managed by Palladium. Last but not least, the Palladium managed SPRING Accelerator is highlighted as a social enterprise accelerator.

Read the report here.