Staff Writer | Palladium - Mar 21 2018
Palladium Enters into a Joint Venture in India

What’s new?
Palladium has entered into a joint venture in India with AP Globale, a Mumbai-based group of companies. By partnering with AP Globale, Palladium is bringing in the capabilities of DCF Advisory Services, one of AP Globale’s companies.

Where will you be based?
Palladium and DCF Advisory Services have offices in Delhi, Gurgaon, Mumbai and Pune.

Who will you be working with?
DCF Advisory Services provides end-to-end strategy consulting and execution planning services to government offices at the village, city, state, and national levels. In working with the Maharashtra State government, for example, DCF Advisory Services launched the ‘Taniskha’ network which empowers women to work together to improve their physical, financial and emotional security. The network has over 125,000 members across all the districts of the state.
DCF Advisory Services is owned by AP Globale. AP Globale has been in operation for over eighty years. It started as a media company, with the launch of the Sakal newspaper in Maharashtra State. Since then it has evolved to become an organisation with a view to deliver socio-economic transformation. AP Globale believes “in reshaping the way of doing business from being profits-driven only to actually committing to the wellbeing of our community.” It works in multiple areas, including education, impact funding, community transformation, and of, course, media.

What’s your goal?
For both companies, the joint venture is an opportunity for growth and for carrying out the Positive Impact vision in India. India is an emerging market with a growing economy but it continues to have large development needs. Both the government and the private sector have an interest in addressing the problems plaguing the country – from poverty and gender inequality to water scarcity and environmental pollution.

Palladium and DCF Advisory Services aim to work with government and business to find sustainable solutions to these issues. Our companies have complementary knowledge and skills, and by working together we significantly increase the chance of implementing successful interventions. Palladium brings with it experience from managing large-scale programmes across the globe. DCF Advisory Services has strong networks and an intimate understanding of the local social, political and economic context.

How will you deliver Positive Impact?
The missions of our two companies are almost perfectly aligned. We aim to create social impact and incorporate social value into organisations’ core strategies.