Staff Writer | Palladium - Sep 24 2018
"We Want to Transform How International Development is Financed": Palladium Acquires Enclude from Triodos Bank

How can we leverage private capital to help solve some of the world's greatest challenges, while generating a financial return for investors? To do so requires an exceptional combination of capabilities, and a global reach.

Three leaders driving sustainable Positive Impact have joined forces through Palladium’s acquisition of Enclude, a leading impact investment and international development advisory firm. Enclude has been purchased from Triodos Bank, a pioneer in sustainable, values-based banking, which will become a minority shareholder in Palladium.

Making the world a better place requires resources. Experts estimate a $2.5 trillion gap between current funding levels and what it will take to accomplish the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The need for funding is real, and the capital exists to meet the challenge, but it’s not currently deployed to do so.

We know that investors are looking for ways to have a positive impact while turning a profit, and the global private wealth available for investment is estimated at $250 trillion. Enclude connects clients with financial resources to drive real, sustainable growth in emerging economies.

Enclude has already mobilised over USD500 million in capital.

“If we’re going to achieve the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), we need to tap private capital to address development opportunities,” explains Laurie Spengler, CEO of Enclude. “Joining Palladium will leverage Enclude’s capabilities for greater reach and even greater impact.”

Christopher Hirst, incoming CEO of Palladium, agrees: “We want to transform how development is financed in the future. Our vision is to bring a commercial approach to international development, unlocking vast sums of private capital for multiple projects around the world. These new models ensure accountability and full transparency in the process, and ultimately, improve people’s lives.”

With Enclude on board, Palladium will continue to develop innovative ways of financing international development, including Development Impact Bonds (DIBs) and other inclusive growth models that are focused on measurable outcomes. Expanding the suite of impact investments will leverage private capital to address the world’s greatest challenges, while generating a financial return for investors.

Enclude has three main offices (Netherlands, the U.S., and U.K.) and is represented across the world. Combined with Palladium’s 2,500 employees across 90 countries, the possibilities to deepen Palladium’s technical expertise while scaling Enclude’s impact are limitless.

Please join us in welcoming Enclude to Palladium!

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