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    Palladium is excited to announce an upcoming milestone event to forge stronger private partnerships for sustainable landscape management and climate action!

    We're bringing together a dynamic community of public and private institutions, finance actors, and experts committed to protecting, sustainably managing, and restoring our landscapes.

    Through people-centered approaches and innovative public-funded projects, we've seen remarkable progress in landscape conservation in partnership with the private sector from Palladium's UK-funded Partnerships for Forests, as well as with partners including Fundo Vale, our Rebuild Facility and many more.

    It's time to share these lessons and inspire broader adoption and action! Together, we will foster a dialogue that highlights the successes while addressing the challenges in scaling nature-based solutions to benefit nature, climate, and communities globally.

    The event will take place on February 28th, 2024 at Palladium’s office (1331 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW Suite 600 Washington DC) from 9am-5pm, and will include a light breakfast and lunch.

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1331 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Suite 600 Washington DC

28 Feb
By Invite Only