Procurement & Logistics
Providing supplies and facilities to the most extreme environments on the planet.

It can sometimes be difficult to reach those who need our help most. Post-disaster, post-conflict, and remote locations can be particularly challenging, but for the past 30 years, we’ve consistently helped governments, NGOs, and businesses reach people and markets in seemingly impossible environments.

Our clients have peace of mind knowing that we will draw on this extensive experience to deliver on their objectives, while staying agile and innovative enough to quickly adapt to changing conditions as they arise.

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    Logistics Support Services

    Palladium offers unparalleled capabilities in rapidly establishing professional logistics support services in remote, adverse, and challenging environments. We excel at enabling public and private clients to begin local operations as quickly as possible, and we work to sustain operations smoothly throughout the lifecycle of a project or venture.

    Our services include options for the design, build, and operation of camps, logistics bases, and discrete logistics capabilities. We develop supply chain networks that can deliver goods directly from the factory to the project site. We are experts at responding to supply chain and functional disruptions and we keep projects moving, with open and transparent reporting to our clients.


    • Construction project management
    • Camp and logistics base operations
    • Facilities refurbishment
    • Third and fourth-party logistics
    • Procurement
    • Remote facilities management
    • Asset and inventory management
    • Communications and IT support
    • Capacity development
    • Multimodal transport and distribution
    • Catering and dining services
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    Humanitarian Logistics

    When disaster strikes, successful outcomes require the immediate deployment of highly organised, lifesaving humanitarian relief. As an expert provider to governments and non-governmental organisations, we have developed remarkable in-house and trusted agency capabilities for the delivery of large-scale humanitarian emergency and reconstruction logistics solutions from our suppliers to the final mile at the disaster site.

    Palladium's humanitarian logistics services ensure that the right people get the aid they need, in the immediate aftermath of a crisis and in the ensuing weeks, based on the ever-changing situational and environmental context. We maintain warehouses of emergency response supplies and a roster of logistics staff for rapid deployment wherever they must go. Our systems are attuned to provide full accountability and tracking of aid through the humanitarian supply chain to the beneficiary.


    • Emergency aid supply chain coordination
    • Warehousing and stock consolidation
    • Load planning and distribution
    • Procurement from pre-qualified suppliers
    • Medical evacuation and medical staff sourcing
    • Government and agency liaison
    • Post-disaster logistics support
    • Reconstruction
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    People Logistics

    The success of each project will ultimately depend on the capability of the in-country team. This can be affected by how easily a team adapts to their new environment, and mitigated by effective people logistics arrangements.

    We have extensive experience assisting staff with the transition into unfamiliar and challenging environments. We ensure that teams and their dependants are accommodated comfortably, supported personally, and equipped with everything that they will need to perform, so they can focus on achieving their objectives.


    • Accommodation management
    • Familiarisation services
    • Transport operations and travel planning
    • Security
    • Medical facilitation
    • Emergency response assistance
    • Communications
    • IT support
    • Pastoral care
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    Global Supply Chain Management

    We implement our end-to-end managed supply chain solutions across the globe, including post-disaster, post-conflict, and economically developing countries. We efficiently move consignments of any size, and help to avoid the inventory storage and distribution costs that often come with operating in challenging environments.

    Palladium’s experienced agents provide our clients with peace of mind, delivering quickly, reliably, and precisely to even the most difficult and remote locations.


    • Procurement and tracking
    • Packaging and consolidating
    • Warehousing
    • Inventory management
    • Air and sea freight
    • Logistics and supply chain consulting services
CASE STUDY: Category 5 Cyclone Gita, Tonga
CASE STUDY: Base Camp, Solomon Islands
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